1954 Born in Hamburg, Germany
1973 - 1975 Educational Science studies, University Gießen, Germany.
1975 - 1985 Medical School, Universities Gießen and Lübeck, Germany; setbacks by family trauma; approbation and dissertation.
1985 - 1990 5 years clinical training in Psychiatry, LKH Neustatdt/Holstein, Germany.
1990 Our daughter's birth - long family leave with home/country/language transitions.
2004 - 2006 Training at the European Council for High Ability (ECHA) in Zurich, Switzerland on the issue of giftedness studies; since 2005 weekly Rosen Method bodywork sessions - at the time of family break-up; since then > 1000 treatments from own experience and further on.
12/2006 - 6/2011 Education in touch: Rosen Method bodywork - 2006-2008 Rosen Method Berkeley Center, California, USA (weekly training, intensive courses; one year Rosen Method Movement); 2009 - 2011 Rosen Method Center South West, New Mexico; USA (internship with intensive courses, supervisions); supervisions in Cambridge, UK, Stockholm, Sweden; 2011 Certificate -; studies in Neuroscience and Somatics in San Francisco,CIIS, UC Berkeley, Los Angeles, New York and Europe.
1992 - 2009 Life abroad in The Netherlands, Switzerland (Geneva) with family; on my own in Berkeley, California.
2009 - 2011 Clinical work in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychiatry in Germany, with integration of Rosen Method Bodywork.
2010 Private Medical Practice for Body Psychotherapy in Michelstadt/Odw., Germany
2011 - 2013 Self-organized German booktranslation of "The Psychophysiology of Self-Awareness", by Alan Fogel, Professor of Developmental Psychology, Rosen Method Senior Teacher & Body Psychotherapist. German title: "Selbstwahrnehmung und Embodiment in der Körperpsychotherapie", Schattauer publishing house, 2013.
since 2013 Editorial board member at Rosen Method International Journal, founded by Alan Fogel - - to promote the practice & science of the method.

Medical Practice

In my surgery, I experience my patients' abberations, stamina and (im-) patience when searching for healing.
I would like to explain the development of my medical practice with restart and clarify concepts:

The formation in embodied self-awareness1 (ESA) with Rosen Method Bodywork has changed my perspective as doctor trained in conventional medicine. ESA enhances medical empathy, an essential diagnostic instrument to access causes of illness. My German translation of Alan Fogel's book1 has filled in lacking knowledge and provided deep insights into the psychophysiology of trauma. It all challenged my conventional medical and psychiatric knowledge with many new learning tasks. Rosen Method - its deep-present touch with more efficacy - integrated into old psychiatric experiences, laid new foundations for body-trauma-psychotherapy in my practice.
The flirting temptation to create the superhuman, who breaks biological chains, is old.
The digital trends promise to make the nightmare happen.  
In practice, I observe aberrations, perseverance and impatience of humans on their search for healing.
It needs own biological bonds in vivid self-awareness to be able to find it - without manipulation!

1 The Psychophysiology of Self-Awareness (hardcover of Body Sense), Alan Fogel, W.W.Norton, 2009  - 
German translation by Helmi Boese as: Selbstwahrnehmung und Embodiment in der Körperpsychotherapie,   Schattauer, Stuttgart, 2013

Own Trauma Experience

My daughter's birth from my embodied self-awareness:
A caesarean with peridural anesthesia paralyzed my diaphragm with distress. There was no time to welcome my baby; no time to hold it; no skin contact. My blood formed into lumps and fell out of my body. I saw them in the container when blood samples were taken. Two pairs of hands constantly scanned my abdomen: one lighter, the other very painful. I had no strength to defend myself. The senior doctor looked baffled when I told him the life-threatening diagnosis. I felt his soft touch on my abdomen.
The beginning of a near-death-experience (dissociation) was peaceful. Medical intensive care did its best, making sure to keep me alive, another surgery signaled green light: to see my desired child growing up seemed possible. Later: medical council at my bedside. The professor kept looking away from me and proposed a puncture of my bone marrow. The medical doctor as a patient (me) felt the potential threat and kept level headed, rejected the futile procedure and knew that it was time to leave the clinic. My system confirmed my medical knowledge: within two weeks my blood clotting returned to self-regulation. Then, on the news: clotting factor HIV-infected!
Shock, almost freezing and quick request with all-clear: "My" product was not HIV-infected!
Conclusion: In the middle of life threatening moments I experienced my embodied self-awareness - even though I could not use it when too weak. Still, I was able to connect it with my (medical) conceptual self-awareness. When dissociation was overcome, I found from association to recognition. The recovered link between body sense and cognition enabled me to take care for myself when needed. Meanwhile the bonding with my baby was successful.

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