to need-based Body-Trauma-Psychotherapy in my practice of complementary medicine.

Dedication to my daughter: She carries traumatic experiences with and from her parents to the degree as they (still) carry them - may my work serve partners, parents, children and families. 

In mainstream medicine precious heritage falls into oblivion:

  • The healing art of touch. 
  • The understanding of the nervous system's interactions and their dynamics.  

New insights into trauma, evolution and overall health are of great importance to the art of healing and science.
They are usually not recognised in the health care system - traumatised individuals dramatically lack adequate care!
> "World reports on violence and health" - WHO (World Health Organisation), 2002/2014. 1


The difference to conventional medical diagnostics / treatments lies in the handling of apparent forgotten matter!

At the first appointment (options) ...

  • ... we look into the regulatory system of the body, the autonomous nervous system, via measuring the heart rate variability, - This allows for precise clinical diagnostic. Clarity and safety in the treatment of trauma come along. With strong fatigue Vagusvit N transfusions help to balance the nervous system -
  • ... you may have the first active experience of the Rosen Method touch. 

An individual treatment concept will develop from:

  • Talk
  • Insight into the autonomous nervous system
  • Touch in embodied self-awareness
  • Breath work
  • Movement formation

The interaction of the whole creates healing.

From Molecules of Emotions, by Candice B. Pert, p.273-274, Simon & Schuster UK, 1999

"My research has shown me that when emotions are expressed - which is to say that the biochemicals that are the substrate of emotion are flowing freely - all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of the vital feel-good, unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior. This, I believe, is the state of unhealed feeling we want so desperately to escape from. Drugs, legal and illegal, are further interrupting the many feedback loops that allow the psychosomatic network to function in a natural, balanced way, and therefore setting up conditions for somatic as well as mental disorders."

Those in search for answers to diagnoses or regulatory imbalances come to see me - such as:

     depression - panic attack - irregular heartbeat - cancer - anaesthesia - miscarriage

                 abuse - anxieties - despair - trauma - speechless emotional state

             distress - sleeplessness  - migraine - fatigue - cry babys - slipped disc

                    loss - surgery - rape - posttraumatic stress disorder - pain

                      bullying - asthma - high blood pressure - cheerlessness

                      grief - personal experience -  indigestion - birth stress 

                adverse childhood experience - loss of attachment - violence

                        and: aftermaths/side effects of medical procedures 

                 - Thoughts unfold from the Soul - from Body Sense to Cognition -

The denial of signals from embodied self-awareness in therapy, treatments and life itself has serious consequences. Mainstream medicine recognizes pathology or illness - no functional or regulatory failure.
The existence of the latter, precursor of the former, is forgotten.
Direct work with the body captures and treats all forms mentioned above! Pathology is not that important.
Instead, it is the relation one has to oneself in the body.

The movable artwork above, small windows, associates with the somatic process of Rosen Method:
Traumatized muscles, fascia, joints are stuck in chronic neural tension within the autonomous nervous system.

Slowly, the body may come loose of emotional freeze. It takes and gets:

  • Contact of hands with listening-holding touch - inviting
  • Breath movements - receiving
  • Evocative, respectful language - attending
  • Non-verbal expression / memory in embodied self-awareness - forming
  • New insights - emerging
  • Consciousness - unfolding

Strenuous symptoms lose power during the therapy process. 
The experienced body sense transforms via emotion into moved-felt insight - chart > diaphragm, > references.

Your Life in My Hands - A Junior Doctor's Story, by Rachel Clarke, p.200, Metro Books, 2017:

"...combined medical rigour with remarkable gentleness. ...he unfolded their hands in both of his, seemingly in order to comfort and connect with them ... and discussed their illness. ... with that simple human touch, he was simultaneously taking their pulse, assessing their hydration status, scanning their hands for clues of illness, and appraising whether they were sick or well. ... he was covertly diagnosing them. Hard, effective medicine cloaked in gentle humanity."

In remembrance of: Rosen Method Center Southwest, NM, USA - watch for the hands & breath

Appointments & Continuing Education

There are various treatment options depending on personal situations or place of residence:

  • Intensive treatment with accommodation in a holiday home is an option, which proved well for acute states and long journey. The Odenwald is a region of high recreational quality.
  • A slow start for chronic states or inexperience with embodied self-awareness.
  • Either way, an individual setting will emerge.

Appointments with further information and office closing times > contact.

Continuing Education - "Embodiment in Trauma, Life & Motion"
> Embodiment

Cooperative Case Review in Embodied Self-Awareness > Supervisions

International teaching and supervision can be booked - upon request

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