Cooperative Case Review in Embodied Self-Awareness:

In this context, a cooperative case review in compact time, as supervision, includes the experience of
embodied self-awareness versus conceptual self-awareness - see Body Sense by Alan Fogel.

Supervisions will be arranged and booked, for instance as: learn about body sensations, feelings, emotions, possible traumatic contents - well attended to during treatments, as well as reflecting the process.

International teaching and supervision is available - upon request.

Education: Embodied Self-Awareness

The education of embodied self-awareness teaches about the origin and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, adjustment disorder or unclear clinical reports etc. otherwise. My educational courses in the beautiful set of the Odenwald, Germany, will explore and experience the perplexing simple practice and complex science of embodied self-awareness in trauma, life & motion (see below).

Body Sense, by Alan Fogel - with my translation experience of the same into German -, see figures on right, will be the spirited and highly informative work material.

What is embodied self-awareness?

"The ability to pay attention to ourselves, to feel our sensations, emotions and movements on-line, in the present moment, without the mediating influence of judgmental thoughts."

                                                                                                               Alan Fogel: Body Sense, p.311

For whom is the education?
For everyone working with body/psyche in the context of clinic, health, education, in social work and prevention; or have advanced body therapy experience as patients; for those who want to learn about somatic methods which have the potential to transform dysfunctional, restrictive behaviour and convictions into well-being.

You will learn, that

  • therapist and client/patient will work better together through embodied self-awareness.
  • to experience and understand embodied self-awareness will decode medical inexplicable symptoms.
  • moving away from thoughts (explicit memory) will disclose implicit memory (from the inside).

You can expect, that

  • the effectiveness of medical & psychological interventions and treatments will improve
  • the integration of the learned matter will boost the prevention of medical & psychological treatment
  • this experience will have a positive effect on practice work & everyday life - especially if dealing with trauma

Trauma, Life & Motion - Dates

Teacher: Helmi Boese - M.D.

  • As Body Therapist - International formation as certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner
  • As Author - Translation of Alan Fogels book Body Sense as "Selbstwahrnehmung und Embodiment in der Körperpsychotherapie" into German, Schattauer Verlag, 2013 - and more @ Publikations
  • As Physician - Fundamental clinical experience with the groundbreaking interplay of emotions/body, mind & psyche; residency in psychiatry
  • As Co-Editor - Editorial Staff member of the Rosen Method International Journal @
  • As Learner - Lifelong curiosity  

I will guide you through the perplexing simple practice (play) and complex science (work) of embodied self-awareness and its interrelation in trauma, motion & life. The interactions between a single human being and its attachment field will be acknowledged by case studies from my practice. Together we will learn and share; new eventful/emotional perspectives will emerge for all! The purpose of the continuing education see above.

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