Many Methods

The somatic methods of body psychotherapy2 treat body, mind and soul simultaneously. They work with embodied self-awareness (embodiment). For the first time, research can explain the interplay of body, mind and soul 1.
2 Body Psychotherapy: History, Concepts and Methods, by Michael C. Heller, W.W.Norton, NY, 2012
1 Body Sense, Alan Fogel, W.W. Norton, NY, 2013


The origin of body psychotherapy is rooted in the 19th century with the body work and research of Pierre Janet 3. The 20th century saw new developments in Germany coming between the I. and II. World War. They survived in the United States, where various developmental routes were added and progressed. Later, when returned to Europe they became known as body work, body therapy, body psychotherapy or somatic psychotherapy. The German Society for Body Psychotherapy (DGK) is part of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP). In absence of the above mentioned developmental progress in body work, then based in the US, Psychosomatic Medicine was established by Thure von Uexküll in Germany. Sooner or later, body psychotherapy will be recognized in Complementary Medicine and will be added to Integrative Medicine.

3 Psycho-Physical Synthesis at the Foundations of Body-Psychotherapy: The 100-Year Legacy of Pierre Janet (1859-1947), Boadella, David, International Journal of Psychotherapy, 13569082, May 97, Vol.2, Issue1

Shamanic Energy Medicine

The traditions of shamanic medicine are as old as mankind itself. At their heart lays the deep respect for the creative power of mother earth and the universe. Many vital therapeutic forms of expression have developed. Modern neuroscience has proven the healing creativity of the traditions and its associations. In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally agreed and passed a historical declaration to preserve the old lore and integrate it into the national health care systems:
I graduated with The Four Winds Society of Alberto Villoldo, PhD and his team in Chile, Nov. 2018 @ In accordance with his many shamanic teachers, Alberto Villoldo has translated the old healing traditions of the Andes, Amazones to have it at hand for our modern times, with scientific understanding. This represents his lifework. The lifework of Carl Jung of the archetypes are integrated. A handicraft full of beauty and of high ethics emerged.

Body Sense Perception

Modern working men and women need to function properly, consequently they hide or protect their true self.
The True Self develops from the exuberance of the soul and reflects itself in the perception of body senses.
The False Self wastes away in the soul and suppresses its feelings. The power of the body's caught emotions or released emotions will be detected in body psychotherapy. Its influence on physical and psychological ailments or discomfort is equally valued and used in the therapy for recovery.

Biophotone Realignment Mirrors - Light Kinesiologie

Bio (Greek life), photon (Greek light) to summarise it poetically: electromagnetic radiation of the flame of life. Our nervous system transmits the radiation from cell to cell in organ systems, meridians and chakras. It stimulates the interplay of elements, also as emotion. In light kinesiology we test parameters that limit the ability to regulate. With the high-quality special mirrors made from gold, silver and aluminium, with built-in polfilter, the light of disordered/diseased cells will be realigned to coherent cell structures. The metals cover different wave lenght. The mirrors are directed by hand. During the treatment and kinesiological testung body sensations and cognitions will arise. They are integrated into the therapy process. Renzo Celani's invention of the biophoton realignment mirrors is a true gift to the body's self-organisation. First time, he presented them was in Norway 2015.

Behavioural Changes

The neuro-muscular-fascial structure is a dynamic organ system with mechanical and emotional functionality. Emotional tension in the muscle & fascia tone changes the breathing; simultaneous treatment at the moment of emotional re-experience releases muscular and fascial rigidity from freezing. Through this therapeutic process new behavioural patterns will evolve not only for the patient, but also in relationships with others. The autonomic nervous system memorizes new experiences in its capacity of embodied self-awareness: insights, gained in aha-moments, connect the nervous systems to new networks; old and future stresses are easier to cope with.

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