n time everything must fade away yet nil in the moment."    
            - Konstantin Wecker - German poet & musician

The impetus for self composed assessment reports came from a patient:

"References spoken from human-to-human are important. First of all, your site is a theory for the newcomer; with authentic progress reports he will gain insights into practice. We rely on humans who already have had their experiences. Your homepage is authentic, one realizes the genuineness of your work by the details. I was allowed to discover the details or nuances on my own body."

The following reports reflect on human experiences of deep change processes gained from a still widely unknown and sustainable, very effective form of therapy. The authors wish to contribute to the better known of body psychotherapy & Rosen Method. They therefore offer, when indicated, to provide further information.

Apart from describing the residential area, the testimonials will remain anonymous.

  • Heart Rhythm in the Body Sense                                      
    "It was about 2005 when high blood pressure and cardiac arrythmias were discovered with me. On the advice of my general practitioner I was in the emergency room several times at night, also had inpatient treatment and diverse examinations without identification of causes ... medications for arryhtmias caused heavy side effects as damage to the eye cornea and extreme photosensitivity and were dropped later ... Subsequently with intensified skipped heartbeat and stress, from the outside and inside, further body pains occurred. After a single treatment, my Feldenkrais practitioner assumed my breath to be stuck in my chest. Often times this had stressed me. She recommended treatments with Dr. Boese. Dr. Boese treated my longtime suppressed emotional experiences with Rosen Method Bodywork, supported by verbal consultations. Through many, very effective body treatments while feeling and perceiving my body sense, I was shown that my real problem was acknowledged. With patience, peace and trust in this therapy, I feel emotionally more at ease and calmer; I am in awe about behavioral changes and their influence on my heart."            (Odenwald area)                            

  •  Easing the Burden for Body, Mind & Soul                                                          
    "I have already suffered from recurrent panic attacks during my years of study and had talking psychotherapy ... only with the aid of body psychotherapy ... first, the rational understanding developed, how traumatic events ... manifest in the body, and in the course of therapy the understanding holistically expanded onto body, mind & soul. As I remembered ... although in all details ... but the emotional aspects ... I had totally disconnected in my consciousness ... also, out of fear of possible consequences. In fact, within the first treatments significant relief for body, mind & soul occurred - that refinement process ... helped me, despite of the effort for body and psyche, to regain well being on a monthly basis and, little by little a state of inner peace developed, a confident, self-responsible handling of myself."                                        (Odenwald area)

  • Actually, I wanted my old life back ...                               
    "... but with hindsight, I am glad it turned out differently. It suddenly began with tachycardia and extreme high blood pressure ... I was examined and hospitalized for 5 days, but all was negative. With high blood pressure medicine in my baggage I returned home. The sudden increase in pressure reiterated in irregular intervals and led to strong panic attacks wit subsequent fear of death. The doctors were perplexed ... At the first treatments with Dr. Boese it became clear to me, that my health state was in direct connection with childhood trauma, very long ago. Many memories ... came to light during the treatments from the nature of her listening in conjunction with the touch. A purification process began which perceptibly contributed to the relief and in its course, physical symptoms diminished or did not appear at all. I have learned ... and understood how traumatized energy was stuck in my body and for many years, have thwarted and burdened my body ... and was not aware of its significance. In all treatment stages, also when in despair, Dr. Boese remained confident and convinced, that I would recover. She should be right. Today, I am better than ever before. I notice, that I do not carry my old "demons" with me; my sensitivity for myself, my body and my surroundings has grown significantly. The path from this crisis means a substantial improvement to my quality of life. That is why I do not want my old life back."                                                     (Dusseldorf area)

Continuing Education

Participants' responses - October 2015 with Alan Fogel:
"What there ever is possible in subtle exchange by only holding hands." ... "The workshop was of great value, both for personal development and professional work." ... "I was intrigued by a Rosen Method demonstration. Alan's way to get on well with people: his focussed attention, his intensive and deep listening, his astute balancing comments and answers, his humor and cheerful composure. Meanwhile, it was exciting to observe the openness and concentration of the participants, the friendly and trusting atmosphere, the sincere sympathy together and among each other." ... "How A. Fogel has succeeded, the accuracy and simplicity of his understanding, as well as reduced to the essential - that was simply very nice and inspiring." ... "Mindfulness and slow down have taken me to a state of deep restfulness."

Resonance in local German news paper - Oktober 2015:

Work-& Playshop "Trauma & Life" - November 2016
Many thanks to the participants for an inspiring and moving experience.

Participants resonance  - November 2016
"The practices in embodied self-awareness where especially important and helpful for me. I have an idea about the practices which I like ... to discuss." ... "The seminar ... has bestowed on me many new impressions which I would not have considered them possible. Especially the 'sculptural work' of the respective counterpart has impressed me and how the participants awareness was effected. I have also very much enjoyed the sculptural play with my own name. The entire seminar was a very positive experience, also with regard to the group's harmony. I went home happy, in good spirit. Many thanks for all!"

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